Monday, September 29, 2008

rockin the bump

So I cornrowed it the night before for the crimpy look, pinned it up in the back, then pinned a bump in the front.

Friday, September 26, 2008

thoughts on the presidential debate

During this debate McCain repeatedly states what he believes Obama "doesn't understand" I found it quite amusing because after each of those statement's Obama makes it clear how much he really does understand. It seemed like McCain was on offence and Obama was on defence the entire debate. However, everytime McCain came at him seemingly about to score Obama shot the ball back down like "uh uh I don't think so". One thing McCain states is that Obama doesn't understand the difference between "tactic and strategy" (concerning the war) Obama replies "I absolutely understand the difference between tactics and strategy. And the strategic question that the president has to ask is not whether or not we are employing a particular approach in the country once we have made the decision to be there." Obama pointed out the the flaws in the Bush administration and makes it clear that Mcain was clearly wrong about the war. Obama also made his case for change in our economy and foreign policy. Throughout the debate Obama stood his ground while McCain tried to badger him and point out a bunch of half truths, which Obama finishes and clears up every time. Obama clearly has a wealth of knowlege on foreign policy. He did well tonight...It's not looking so good for McCain...look out America change is coming, and his name is Obama!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the future president...

Doesn't he look too fresh in this pic??? aaight Obama!!!

At this point HOPEFULLY everyone has registered to vote on 11/4/08. The DEDLINE to register differ's in every stater many have passed so get on it....plz!!!Google "your state" voter registration. For example "Ma voter registration"

HAD to post this haircut

So ahh, here are some pics of my hair after a wash...I was pleased to discover when I went natural that the natural texture of my hair is pretty tightly curled

For a while now I've been thinking about learning to play the guitar...acoustic. I'm gonna purchase one and try to teach myself...when I learn my 1st song, maybe I'll post it...found this pic of some pretty guitars...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So, this Saturday will make it four weeks since my last retightening, and I guess I'm in a funk. I love the freshly retightened look. It's long gone now...womp womp. Ehh I'll get over it. Uhhh...I soo need a mani AND a pedi..not to mention my eyebrows needed to be plucked....long ago. I'm just being lazy. Oh and forget about shaving my leg's lol. That bareley ever gets done...unless I'm wearing a skirt of coarse...TMI? probably...but you'll get over it.
I really haven't been styling my hair much lately. I pretty much just leave a part on the side, and call it a day. I'm planning to curl it on Saturday with my soft spikes. I have to look fly on Sunday, It's the celebration of our harvest an my church. It's common knowlege that we need to look fly on this day...tradition I guess...bout to go shopping...hmmm I'm feeling like I want to wear ruffles...oooh purple ruffles. I saw this purple top with ruffles in this little boutique in the lower mills, bout to go cop that. I'll be sure to take pics on Sunday and post them. well, I gotta get outa here. Until my next blog post....and I'm off!

Later on that day...
I went to get the purple ruffley top, and the friggin thing didn't fit me right.I was deffinately heated that I drove all that way for nothing. I went to another boutique and got this cute black top....proly rock that with a pencil skirt & pearls..I dunno we'll see.

This pis is actually from the night before...before I wen't to a Fashion Show/Art Expose/Stand up comedyshow

So I didn't curl them but I still looked

Oh, here's a random pic below of a wedding I went to like a month or so ago. My locks were curled with satin covered rollers.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike hits my homeland Haiti

My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones in the hurricane. It's good to see celebrities like Wyclef Jean and Matt Damon supporting.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

leopard print

I had a makeup idea, and thought of my photographer friend, Ketsia Vedrine. I turned her into a leopard, and photographed her in the woods of Mattapan. Check out her or her

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In the beginning...

Hey You! Welcome to my blog.

This Blog will mainly consist of my sister lock journey, (Shout out to my loctician Jaqueline Ashby!) my make up models and whatever else may be on my mind that day.

So, about my sister locks...I love them!!! If you know me, I'm sure you already know...heehee. Anyhoo, it's pretty much the best decision I've made for my hair since birth. I got my first relaxer, in probably the fourth grade. I remember standing in front of my bathroom mirror, whipping my hair back and forth, mesmerized by how it moved. I've always had thick full hair, that is until it was damaged by all the chemicals I put in it, year after year. As a result I proceded to grow it out, and then relax it, time and time again. I went natural a few times as a pre-teen, then as a teen, and then a few times into adulthood.

I had had a full head of thick un relaxed hair from 2002 until about 2005. One of those day's my mother suggested I get a relaxer again. Somehow thinking that this time would be different I decided to relax it again. It looked really pretty...until it fell out again six months later. I transitioned out of the relaxer by getting single braids and full weaves. One day as I was taking out my braids, I decided to cut off all of my hair, minus the new growth. Frustrated, and fed up with relaxers, I decided I was going to get traditional locks, hence my fear of the begginning stages of the locking process. I started them with Yarn to try and skip the short twist looking stage. I kept them in for about 3-4 months, that is until my Aunt who has traditional locks told me to look up sister locks. I did, and was fairly impressed with the look of them. Shortly after that, I was walking through downtown Boston, and saw a young lady with the most beautiful hair I'd ever seen. I stared her down so hard she probably thought I was, I stoped her and asked her about them. That was the day I decided. I needed sister locks in my life. I finally started my sister locks April 25th-26th 2008. It took about 20 hours, combining both day's. Today I'm 4 months, and a few weeks into my journey. I couldn't be happier.

me a few months before my s.l.side fro Pictures, Images and Photos

2-3 weeks old

9/10/08 pics

These pics are about 4 months into it
scalp Pictures, Images and Photos
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