Monday, October 20, 2008

the birth of my sister locks

It's about time I posted this is day 2 of my sl instalation. I thought it looked kinda funny at first because it looked like unfinished braids....that is until I took a steamy shower the next morning. My ends curled right up! I thought it looked gr8! The pic at the bottom of the bunch is me a few weeks into my sl.

Monday, October 13, 2008

kareoke at Kings Lounge

So last weekend, some friends and I wen't to a lounge called Kings in downtown Boston. We had sooo much fun. It was kareoke you know I was up there singing...had backup singers and everything! We sounded bad...but it's all good!

Doesn't my hair look cute in this pic?? (yes) I know!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

me my girl friends...& our bday surprises!!!

(April 08) First we surprised our friend Carlie, with her first surprise pty, at one of the best tasting Peruvian-South American-Brazillian resturaunts in Boston. We also made her a tripple story Vanilla cake with chocolate shavings and strawberries the week before that to share with our church choir after practice. She was moved to tears both times.

This year me and my girl friends celebrated each others birthday's as follow's

(early June 08)Next girl friend Tamara was escorted by a Boston Petty-Cab to the Charles playhouse to see what she had wanted the...BLUE MAN GROUP! and then we had dessert at Finale's in Back Bay

(late June 08) Then it was MY turn.. I was diven to Rhode Island to a lovely Japenese resturaunt, seranaded on the Gondola and than we enjoyed dessert at the oh so cazy L'Ezabeth's

And finnaly Just this past weekend it was our girl Ketsia's Bday...She was surprised with a massage therapist awaiting her in her living room, who then gave her a full body hot oil massage, We made breakfast, then we went to NY chilled for a bit and later enjoyed a night on the town

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've been Tagged!

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1)I'm a hygiene freak. I've been known to descretly look in peoples mouths to see if they are properly cleaning there tongues when they brush. People need to brush there tongues ESPECIALLY the back. You can tell if there tongue is dirty if it has a white film on it...your tongue should be pink....whew! So glad to get that off my chest.

2) I can only fall asleep if I'm laying on my I'll deff be miserable when I'm pregnant.

3)I pray to God my future husband doesn't drool cuz I will leave jk

4)I love Reeses peanut butter cups...always felt they should have made it a bar though, you'd get more that way. Anyhoo, I eat the outside chocolate, then I eat the peanut butter

5)I wanna be rich but not famous...I wouldn't wan't the paparazzi in my butt all day.

6) If McCain wins I'm moving to Canada.

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