Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hello Lovelies! Guess who took the sisterlocks class? Me! Yaaay! I'm now available to install and retighten them in the Boston area. I've learned so much about black hair. Even after so many years of wearing my hair natural, there was so much that I didn't understand about our different hair textures, curl patterns, density etc. I didn't realize how beneficial this class would be to me. I also now understand the importance of proper maintenance, and how neglecting this effects our hair overtime. I am a believer of the sister lock products. I have started using them, and am already seeing results (less shedding). Other products are formulated to detangle our hair--->NOT what we want to do. This actually disrupts our hair ESPECIALLY before it locks. This causes the locking process to take much longer. Sisterlock products clean and treat hair while allowing the hair to remain in its natural form. Try them for yourself!

Here are some pictures of me and my fellow sl classmates after class.


V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Congrats and Welcome. I wish you well on your new journey as a Sisterlocks Trainee soon to be Consultant!

Look Lush Beauty Blog said...

Thank you! :)